New Nigeria: Citizen Commons held a YANN Conversation in Abeokuta

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Happy new week! Do you miss the Abeokuta YANN Conversation? 

We had an exciting day holding one of our YANN Conversations in Abeokuta to record the voices of Abeokuta people in their idea of a “New Nigeria”. The New Nigeria we want to build can only be achieved when we all echo our voice and demand for it. 

Present in the Abeokuta conversation were concerned Nigeria youths, activists, youth leaders, and student leaders to discuss challenging issues in the country. The conversation offers a way to amplify our voice and discuss with our peers what we think our leaders should be doing to birth the New Nigeria we desire and our role in it.

The Youth Conversation for New Nigeria is convened as a series of youth-led, youth-focused consultations, community town halls sessions and focus group discussions, one on one interviews, designed to engage Nigerian youths, create awareness, and highlight policy issues of importance from communities to campuses. We seek to canvass ideas, thoughts, and opinions from Nigerian youths and advance “our New Nigeria.” We are asking critical questions and exploring honest answers about our picture in Nigeria’s future and beyond. The findings and opinions from these national consultations will be compiled into a publication titled: A Nigeria for the Many: A manifesto for the Nigeria we desire.

This activity is part of our #FromProtestTo Action project funded by Voice that seeks to leverage the increased passion of young Nigerians to demand accountability from all levels of government as well as take forward some of the learnings from the shortcomings of the #EndSARS protests. FPA is an effort to ensure that the renewed interest of youth is not wasted and the #EndSARS protests do not go by the way of previous citizens' actions.

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Oluwabukola Adimula


Posted on Tuesday, October 18, 2022


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