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By Joshua Ibrahim On Thursday, March 3, 2022

The VoiceNaija platform (https://www.voicenaija.org) is a digital platform created to enhance learnings and sharing of learnings by the VOICE grantees and interested users. It provides an open space whereby grantees can share their work and other grantees get to see and possibly learn from this pool of information made available. The platform also presents an opportunity for grantees within the various community of practice to collaborate, share learnings and get these collaborations documented and made accessible to the interested users who engage with and access the available content.

During the first learning and linking event held between 14th and 17th September, 2022, modalities were put in place on how this platform be created to best represent the interest of each grantee present. Information such as ease of access, simplicity, a hub of grantees information or a hub where access links are made available were suggested by the grantees. Having this in mind, a beta version was created to best capture the various options suggested. During the second learning and linking event held between 2nd and 4th of February, 2022, the grantees were lightly trained on the platform and substantial feedback collected for improvement.

The basic and most general feedback received involved minor corrections to the grantees information as portrayed on the platform. The platform generally received kudos having a nice, simple and intuitive design well accepted by all. Other feedback received involved accessibility of the site and how better things could be placed and made more accessible to the grantees and the various users of the platform. The last segment of responses received hinged on operations of the site. As this was still in a testing stage and considering the timeline required for an effective digital platform to enhance linking and learning, this was a well awaited segment for a beta version and as a team we are dedicated to making all changes requested to having a platform not only accepted for its nice sleek design, easy to access and navigate but a platform well recognized by the level of delivery it offers its users.

There is shared optimism that in the coming months a lot of changes will be made and even more functions, not thought out by the grantees, will be integrated in order to enhance learning among grantees while providing a safe space to document and share stories and engendering collaboration among the Voice grantees. Our aspirations for 2022 is to have a platform well recognized in the search engine optimizations of popular search engines like google. It is also pertinent that the platform houses information that is constantly updated and accessed as adding value to individuals and organizations.

So far, there are about 11 Blogs, 1 Vlog, 2 Events, 1 Newsletter and 10 Resources posted on the platform. A total of 34 users and 16 grantees profile are actively enrolled on the platform. The platform has thus far generated a cumulative total of 7k views from anonymous and registered users far and wide the globe having 10 persons subscribed for quarterly newsletters. We believe this marks a good beginning with greater days ahead encourages all co-creating grantees to effectively utilize this platform and encourage others to do the same for continuous linking and learning.

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