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By Joshua Ibrahim On Wednesday, March 2, 2022

An open session for the Technology for Development Community of Practice was held during the 2nd LnL event on 3rd February, 2022 at Nike Lake Resort, Enugu State for interested Voice grantees. The session, which was spearheaded by Mr. Uchenna Ani of Integriti Technologies, aimed to explore how technology has influenced our lives as individuals, communities and organizations and also how we can purposefully include technological components or use technology to build components internally that positively affects our organizations, community and nation at large especially in terms of enhancing efficiency under Operations, Finance, Project management, Learning, Event management and security.

Reflections on technological advancements since the turn of the century indicates how technology has broken the barriers of communication using social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp and internet radio as examples. Advancements in medicine, science, agriculture and space travel was also noted. It was agreed that technology makes things easy for everyone on the society but for People with Disability (PWDs), it makes things possible thereby collaborations on how technology could be used in this achieving greater feats in this regard were discussed.

In terms of next steps for the group, it was decided that the team should put forth a consistent EDU (Explore, Discover and Utilize) system in place to help other grantees consume technologies at the battle line of harvest. A major note was made that to forward technology in our community, we needed to include a tech component in whatever we do. Further research should be conducted by the team on how we could use the power of captivating visuals to better capture and project issues within rightsholders groups for greater action. In conclusion, the group will figure out ways to layer technological for development components to enhance learning activities of other Voice communities of practice.

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